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Aurora's and Isaac Wilton's magical wands by tmpoole96 Aurora's and Isaac Wilton's magical wands :icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 2 0 Fan wu by tmpoole96 Fan wu :icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 2 0
Basic Info: 
 Name: Tiula Hokua
 Nicknames: Tilu
 Age: 17
 Birthday: January 17
Zodiac: Capricorn 
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 112 lbs 
Ethnicity: Republic City 
Eye color: Green
Hair color: black
Skin tone: tan
Affinity: Earth 
Element: Earth bender 
Occupation: Wanting to become a pro bender,
Earth Bending- She was taught by her father
Martial Arts- Taught Martial Arts by her mother 
When you first meet her she is insensitive, blunt, also observant. Over time when you get to know her she can be hardheaded, very caring and creative but is sensitive.  
Likes:  Nilta / water/ the beach/ her friends/ tea shops/ pro-bending/helping out in Nilta's mother's tea shop/ her parents/ training/ 
Dislikes:   her younger twin sister/
Fears:  losing her family /losing her friend 
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 3
Name: Dachel
Species: Holy Dog Pokemon
Type: Ground and Light
Weak: Dark and Water
Appearance: fur that is harvest gold in color and autumn brown spots 
Personality: Very easy going but pushed it too far it can become quite stubborn
It is an excellent digger, smeller and tracker
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 4
XS- Magical Blessing of the Princess Galadriella
   When, the Princess Galadriella was no more than a week old, and it was the day of her blessing. When each new generation of royals when they are a week old they go through a blessing then after there is a blessing tribute to the princess throughout the planet. Dello, who is the keeper of the Galantean prophecies and the oracle of the planet, came in to the throne room of the Royal palace of Galanta to the rulers of the planet Dasio and Matria.  
" Your majesties it is the day of the magical blessing of your daughter if you want her to be under the Goddess Apriella's watch and her protection. " Dello said as he bowed to the rulers. 
" I am aware of that Dello," Dasio told Dello, then Dasio looked at his wife holding his child holding in her arms then continuing," Matria  it is time." 
" Alright," Matria said as she got up from her throne and walked to Dello. She handed over her daughter with great care. Matria also handed Dello a crystal to open the entr
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 1 0
XS-Lea Nightgale Bio
Basic Information
Full Name: Lea Trifina 
Ladybug Lea 
Gender: Female
Gender Role: feminine 
Personality: Tends to be a suspicious at first with a slight temper but once she out of that she is very pleasant to be around 
Relationship Status: single 
Real Age: 24 
Age Appearance: 23
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Birthday: August 1 
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Cario, Egypt
Species: Witch
Ethnicity: Egyptian, Black,Brazilian,English 
Dominant Descendants
Native Language: English, Portuguese 
Blood Type: -0
Preferred Hand: Left 
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 135 lbs
Facial Type: Oval 
Physical Description
Physical Qualities: sexy hourglass figure 
Physical Flaws: N/A
 Eye Color
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 2
A List of Shen Gong Wu
 Wand of Appearances 
Gives the user the ability to change their complete appearance
Glamorous Wand
Gives the ability to change their outfits
 Wand of  Magia
 Gives the user the ability to use magic through the wand
Age shifting Staff
Gives the user the ability to change your age.
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
Gold Stone Bio
Basic Info-
Name of Gem: Gold Stone 
Skin color: Golden tan 
Hair color: sunshine gold with steaks of metallic copper 
Basic body shape: feminine athletic  
Gem shape(s): a bow 
Gem color(s): Gold, red and brown 
Gem location: top of her head 
Friends: Pearl 
"Family": WIP 
Love: Idk 
Pets: (This involved living and non-living specimen that require an owner to function.) a gem dog 
Individual Character (Mental)-
Personality: positive, rarely sarcastic, and adventurous, sensitive 
Likes: science, history, and adventure 
Dislikes: some bugs 
Pet peeves: poking her 
Positives: good listener, helpful, attractive 
Negatives: stubborn, has a big mouth from time to time
Individual Character (Physical)-
Hair style: down 
Eyes: gold 
Nose: thin 
Lips: thin 
Ears: normal 
Upper torso: (Please don't say something like "round breasted" unless a good re
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
More outfit ideas by tmpoole96 More outfit ideas :icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 1 0 Outfits ideas by tmpoole96 Outfits ideas :icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 2 0
Fire Ring
Appearance: the ring of a dragon
Ability: Gives the user the ability to breath fire
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
Info on Estrella
Name: Estrella 
Species:  Divine Horse Pokemon
Type: Light and Flying
Weakness: Dark
Appearance: Very Regal in appearance, and when this pokemon spreads its wings its like a horse was a god just by spreading its wings. The horse has angelic wings that are all different shades of gold. The mane and tail are white. Hoofs are autumn brown
Personality:  This pokemon is a very noble, but when scared it can get very suspicious.  When frightened it spreads its wings and gets very frazzled easily.
A little about it: It has very excellent sense of direction.  When come across this pokemon it means a good sign
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
Basic Information
Full Name: Vampra Illista Lasaiti 
Nicknames: Vampa
Gender: Female
Gender Role:
She is very half tomboy
  AT first meet socially awkward, but once she warms up she is very affectionate person. she is very rich but is not a snob, she is willing to donate her money. She can tend a little blunt when needed at times.
Relationship Status: Single
Real Age: ???
Age Appearance: 28
Zodiac Sign: Sag.
Birthday: Dec 7
Deathday: N/A
Birthplace: Rome,Italy
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Italian, Jewish, English  
Dominant Descendants:
Native Language:
Blood Type: AB -
Preferred Hand: Ambidextrous
Height: 5'7 "
Weight: 130
Facial Type: Oval
Physical Description: She has a voluptuous hourglass figure. With very long hair. Also has red lips.
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
My Avendture time oc
Name: Water Princess
age: 19
.................... rest to be continued
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 1 0
Last batch of Additional info on Aurora Wilton
She goes to the same school as her brother somewhere in London
She takes some AP courses
IS the president of :the quiz team, art club, and Drama club
She is in chorus
CO-president of the Latin Club with her elder brother Isaac Wilton
Her father Abdiel Wilton taught her and her brother Latin at an early age
Her and her brother have been tasked with helping and protecting humanity during school breaks from evil and demons since they have school unless it is a complete emergency.
her and her brother have different magical items to help them
She has a bag to keep it in.
There are weird happenings that go on at her and her brother's school
Aurora is the brains and the battle strategist of the evil sibling fighting duo
When faced with a stronger opponent she rather use wits in a fight
She is not super strong but she is strong enough to hold her own in a fight
She has  at least two teachers that are magical one is a Siren and that is her chorus teacher
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 0 0
Miranda's wedding vows
When I first met you I was suspicious. As we gotten closer together I found in you a friend. Then when we started dating letting down my emotional barriers figuring out that can let me care about and love someone more than my mother. When I lost her it was the most depressing part of my life not wanting to even smile or even to go out at all. I love you with all of me.
:icontmpoole96:tmpoole96 1 0
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hosted By Anime


Princess Mars by FlyingPrincess Princess Mars :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 75 17 Sailor Mercury by FlyingPrincess Sailor Mercury :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 85 8 Sailor Venus by FlyingPrincess Sailor Venus :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 111 21 Sailor Jupiter by FlyingPrincess Sailor Jupiter :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 90 8 Angelique the Witch by Gourdious Angelique the Witch :icongourdious:Gourdious 15 15 Sailor Moon Over The Years by FlyingPrincess Sailor Moon Over The Years :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 153 77 The Xiaolin girls by XSreiki772 The Xiaolin girls :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 24 42 Ask Kaidan - Question 19 by TheFallingpiano Ask Kaidan - Question 19 :iconthefallingpiano:TheFallingpiano 6 9
Fei Ying-Juvenille Warrior
Fei Ying
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (Although being immortal he could be much older and appears as a teenager)
Height: 5'7
Weight: 155
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Appearance: For a guy with white eyes and hair he usually wears dark punk clothes in either style no matter where he goes in the world-he always wears black to stay true to being a Ying. He's a charmer, but he has muscles that are average, but tough though the weird thing is that he has a crystal gem on his forehead like his sister with a tiny print of the ying symbol.
Spirit Form: When in this form he is a ghost that is a spiritual orb (Like the kind in shaman king) that floats around and able to pass through items. He can also reside in the Ying necklace to recharge his powers and also can talk when in it (As seen in ep 14)
Powers: He is able to use ying/yang powers-although it depends on which ones he has. He usually uses light than dark at times because of being the opposite of his sister.
Weapon: Staff
Background Information: Fei
:iconfairygal11:FairyGal11 3 4
XS OC: Junko Kawaguchi by shokujupiterr XS OC: Junko Kawaguchi :iconshokujupiterr:shokujupiterr 14 20 Xiaolin Warriors vs Heylin Sovereigns by XSreiki772 Xiaolin Warriors vs Heylin Sovereigns :iconxsreiki772:XSreiki772 15 1 sailor moon and daughter by Rurutia8 sailor moon and daughter :iconrurutia8:Rurutia8 2,198 211 XS OCs Stephen Wolfe and Emerald Thorne by VampireLordBelmont XS OCs Stephen Wolfe and Emerald Thorne :iconvampirelordbelmont:VampireLordBelmont 7 3



This is a comission for those who want me to create a Galantaean for them which includes their special ability. The Galantaeans is an alien race I created for XS/XC.
Writing Commissions
 They are 10 :points:  if you do not have 10 points then we can work something out.
Do not put the commission points in the donate section please put the points in here.
I can do a skit,Chapter, story, and poem,



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My ankle is full healed from surgery.


My ankle is full healed from surgery.
Well got the cast off. I'm in a walking boot now. Have to go back to the doctor in two weeks. 
So this is miserable to not being able to walk for 6 weeks. 
Well went to the doctor and got a cast a cast on.
I can't put any weight on my foot for 6 weeks. 
I am so bored. 
Also I had stiches and got those taken off as well today. 
3 more days!!!


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